….and we’re back! If you thought it was over you’re wrong. Fashion month continues! London is a lovely city and I love their fashion week because they feature brands that are less known by the mainstream media. Here are some of my favorite moments.

Chirstohper Kane


Look 11

Crocs are on the runway and everyone is freaking out!! Kane immediately received a slew of backlash on Twitter:


I love the clothing in this show, but I agree with Twitter on this one. Knowing that Christopher Kane will be selling these rubber shoes for hundreds of dollars, I don’t recommend investing in this trend.

(Photo from Daily Mail)


Look 23

Christopher Kane continued to have a controversial show as he began to make references to religion. Upon arrival to the show, editors and bloggers found Catholic prayers placed on their seats. The sweater that this model is wearing reads “St. Christopher. Be my guide.” Christopher Kane is apparently the new Kanye West as he seems to perceive himself as god-like. This could be a comment on how people worship the fashion industry, but it also could just be Kane showing some self-love. Moving away from the controversy of this look, I wanted to show it to you guys because I think it is ultra chic. The idea of pairing a casual piece with something that is much more formal is edgy. The tulle ballerina skirt looks amazing paired with this embellished sweatshirt. This is something I could actually see myself wearing.

Versus Versace


Look 4

Donatella is in a moody teenager phase and I’m loving it. It feels like the 2000’s were just yesterday, but the trends from that era are already coming back. The cutouts that show off hip bones is really reminiscent of the 2000s. I also love that she is wearing a baseball cap. It’s good to know that not only frat boys can pull it off.


Look 12

This flight is taking off in style. If you are looking for an Amelia Earhart halloween costume, look no further! Planes have been inspiring fashion for a while now using bomber jackets, and aviator shades.This is the kind of pilot I would want flying my plane.

David Koma


Look 2

I have loved seeing sheer overlay this week and I am in love with this dress. This reminds me of the Valentino Resort Couture show that I talked about over the summer because of the high lace neckline. The ruff is a beautiful way of reinventing historical fashion.


Look 9

Extra long sleeves is another frequently repeated theme that I have been seeing so far this month. I think it makes people look longer and thinner as well as put together. Wearing yellow is a risk, since it is a hard color to pull off, so I liked seeing it on the runway.



Look 17

I love the way the three different stripe patterns are juxtaposed in this look. I honestly thought I was looking at Dries Van Noten because the patterns were so similar. The amount of fabric at the waist frames the model’s figure well.


Look 47

I love that the florals are popping out at us in 3D.  The cutouts in this look are amazing. The peplum trend was raging while I was in high school and it’s funny to see it coming back so soon. I also love the wine colored and ruffled mules that she is wearing. The fact that there are ruffles head to toe makes it clear that Mulberry sees this as an upcoming trend.



Look 14

As mentioned previously in this article, ballet is trending. I give Ballet Beautiful (a fitness boutique I visited and wrote about over the summer) partial credit in this trend. As children many of us wanted to be a ballerina when we grew up and now we are wearing their wardrobe! I think this is a super cool trend worth following.

Temperly London


Look 6

I don’t frequently see rompers on the runway, so it was super cool to see it at Temperley. The stripe vest overlay is an excellent example of how you can make something like this look more fashionable than it would be alone. I see this romper as something that can be dressed up or dressed down. An excellent challenge is to try and dress down some of the fanciest things in your closet.

House of Holland


Look 16

This is another bold look! The bomber trend has been going on for quite some time now and this is a new way to style it. Wearing a bomber off the shoulders is a very edgy way to make the trend your own. I think that the sheer skirt is very bold and intriguing as well.

Marques Alemida


Look 1

This is the last show I looked at for London and this look is my favorite! I’ve made it pretty obvious that I like when people layer dresses over t-shirts. Combined with the sheer tulle sleeves and metallic shoes, I think this might represents some of my favorite London Fashion Week trends in one!

Cheerio London! Off to Milan.

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