Something that has stuck with me throughout this month is a quote I heard from Kendall Jenner during an interview for Vogue (2:14). She was asked, “What is your favorite thing that you have ever worn?” Her response was “anything a little controversial.” For some reason that line has been echoing through my head frequently lately. It’s pretty easy to wear clothing that is loved by everyone. If it isn’t obvious by the fact that I started a fashion blog, fitting in is not my goal. When people question what I am wearing, even with a negative connotation, I feel powerful. Knowing that the people who make these comments are not fashion connoisseurs, it becomes clear to me that what I am wearing is going over the average persons head. This is something that I experienced when I decided to wore a robe to class and work. For those of you who still don’t believe me when I say that robes are trending, just ask Anna Sui!! I loved the robes that she featured in her latest collection. Another trend that I am wearing is metallic shoes. Everyone is beginning to grow tired of the sneakers trend and this is a way to keep yours looking trendy. Stella McCartney and Missoni are only two of the many brands that have been making metallic shoes lately and I’ve seen them a lot on the runway. Shoutout to Chris Brunner-Lopez for taking these photos! If you see him on campus, wish him good luck on all of his exams this week.dsc_0571

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Robe: Urban Outfitters (on sale!)

Tank: Michael Lauren (similar)

Jorts: Topshop (similar)

Shoes: Nike

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