She Wore Purple Velvet

Top: Splendid Handkerchief: Dressh+rt  Skirt: Forever 21 (Sold out!) Shoes: Nike (similar) In 1950, Tony Bennett sang, “she wore blue velvet,” for the first time. The amount of times this song has been covered is proof that velvet is a timeless fabric material. After reading about velvet from 3 or 4 different publications this week, … Continue Reading

Modern Tea Time

  The fact that there are only a few weeks left of summer is tragic! It has gone by so fast and I am sad to see it go. During this New York City heatwave, iced tea is a must have! This outfit is what I wore when I headed over to Toby’s Estate to cool … Continue Reading

Denim on Denim on Denim

Certain people feel that wearing three denim items at once is too much, but if Britney can do it then so can I! It’s no secret that I am obsessed with band tees. I wear them all the time and can’t even explain how much each one means to me. If you are looking to … Continue Reading

Trends: Fall 2016 Couture Week

Fall ’16 Couture season was last week on the runway and only the best of the best showed collections! In my writing, I am approaching this week in a completely different way than ever before. I want to tell you guys what trends will be hitting the streets this fall and the runway is the best … Continue Reading

As Beautiful As Ballet (Model Workout Series #MWS)

My second workout of this series was a bit more graceful than kickboxing. Ballet is the workout that everyone is buzzing about. It is as peaceful as yoga, but as invigorating as kickboxing. It is revolutionary that this graceful art form has become an exercise. The studio itself is located in a townhouse on the Upper East Side … Continue Reading

Welcome to Dogpound (Model Workout Series #MWS)

During my summer in NYC, I have decided to take the hashtag #TrainLikeAnAngel seriously. I am starting a fitness series where I head to the gyms that train the top models and celebrities. After my workouts, I will come to my blog and tell you guys all about it! The biggest fitness craze these days has been … Continue Reading

She’s American

I have been a fan of the 1975 for 3 years now and I have been waiting for an opportunity to see them live. Music is something I have been passionate about since I was very young, so I always look forward to concerts. When it comes to fashion, concerts are always a great way … Continue Reading

R.I.P. Winter

It may still be chilly in South Bend, but with summer creeping in the weather isn’t brining anyone down. Winter is my least favorite season of the year, so it’s safe to say that I am not sad about it being over. I have so much to look forward to in the next few weeks. … Continue Reading

The Best of Coachella ’16

Coachella is known to be the biggest music festival on the west coast. As of recent years, Coachella has become more about the fashion than the music. Street style photographers and celebrity bloggers have taken over the guest list. Attendees spend months planning each and every outfit and they are all competing to be featured on fashion websites. Even though … Continue Reading

Culottes Aren’t Dead Yet!!

In the 1700’s culottes were worn by men and were a symbol of wealth and power. Now, the most elite in fashion are wearing them everywhere. What’s not to love about the wide-legged cropped pants? They can be worn anywhere from the club to the office and can make anyone look like a fashion expert. Here I … Continue Reading