My second workout of this series was a bit more graceful than kickboxing. Ballet is the workout that everyone is buzzing about. It is as peaceful as yoga, but as invigorating as kickboxing. It is revolutionary that this graceful art form has become an exercise. The studio itself is located in a townhouse on the Upper East Side and I can’t think of a more fitting location. The area around the studio is very homey. Tutus and slippers were scattered throughout the studio making it clear that this is not your average workout.

IMG_9239 IMG_9240 IMG_9242

The class went along in baby steps. We started on the floor, moved to the bar, and finished standing.  At the end of the floor exercises I could barely move my legs. We used wrist weights at one point in the class which I thought was really cool because I had seen them used on Instagram, but I hadn’t seen them in person before. All of my workouts these days involve blaring music, but at Ballet Beautiful a very faint classical music playlist is the only sound heard. One thing I loved about Ballet Beautiful was that I got a great workout without sweating at all. Brunch after a workout is even better when you aren’t drenched in sweat. Ballet Beautiful was so unique that I know it is a workout I won’t forget.

IMG_9351 IMG_9257

(Shoutout to our instructor Brittany for not only teaching us, but helping us with our photoshoot!)

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