I’m still trying to survive fashion week! I’ve been able to watch nearly every show and I am back with more of my favorite looks.



Look 2

When people ask me who my favorite designer is, I used to say Fendi. Although I have new favorites now, I still am always blown-away by what Karl Lagerfeld does with this brand. This was my favorite look from the entire show. The ruffles on the pockets and the dreaminess that goes with this look is very cloud-like. I have talked a lot about combining socks and shoes this month, but I love that Fendi follows this trend with a twist. Socks and shoes combined! The stripes and tightness of the boots that Vittoria is wearing makes it seem like she is wearing socks. This is something that I could definitely see myself wearing.

Phillip Plein


Look 13

The ’90s grunge trend dominated the runways and the streets this past month. The Phillip Plein show reflects the ’90s in a different way. Instead of referencing what was worn by ’90s rockstars he features ’90s hip-hop fashion. The clothing in this show were very reminiscent of  the ’90s Gianni Versace that every rapper wore.

Emilio Pucci


Look 21

*Cue Black & Yellow by Wiz Khalifa* This was one of the most wearable trends that I have seen all week. I mentioned the color yellow in my last post and I liked seeing it again in Pucci. I can guarantee that some celebrity will be wearing this on a red-carpet.

Fausto Puglisi


Look 19

This look infuses an unexpected combination of colors. These jewel tones typically come off as childlike but Puglisi makes them mature. I absolutely love this mini-dress and the way that it is belted. The ruffles are attention grabbing in an amazing way. The contrast of the cross in combination with the revealing dress is a controversial choice.


Look 22

The oversized t-shirt trend is something that all members of the Kardashian family have been wearing for months. It is a pretty risky look so I loved seeing it on the runway. The shoes and cross remind me of the byzantine time period of art history modernized in combination with the pattern on the t-shirt

Alberta Ferretti


Look 17

I think I have said this on my blog too many times already this month, but I love the robe trend! Combined with the black bralette this is something that can be worn for a night out. I love anything high-waisted so I think the shorts that she is wearing a super cool. The embroidery adds a very elegant twist to this robe




Look 9

Jeremy Scott put paper dolls on his runway this week. 2-D jewelry is on her arms, ears, and her swimsuit which makes her look flat. My analysis of this show is that Scott is trying to make a social commentary on the way that society idolizes these models and treats them as if they aren’t real people. After the way that Gigi Hadid was attacked on the streets of Milan, this doll-like theme takes on even more meaning.

Diesel Black Gold



Look 20

Florals are known for being the go-to print for a classic nice-girl look, but combined with combat boots and a black studded belt it looks very punk. I love the knotted hair that was done in this show. The belt like she casually tied it around her waist while running out of the house. I always love looks that look effortless which is probably why my eyes were drawn to this one!



Look 24

When watching this show, I could tell that it was inspired by the wild west. There was a ton of fringe and murals of the western landscape were painted on the clothing. This is my personal favorite look from the whole show. Everywhere I went in New York this summer, somebody was wearing an off-the-shoulder top or dress. It was the city-girl trend of the summer so I naturally felt right at home when I saw this dress. Ruffles and mixed-floral prints are two trends that I have mentioned already this month and I predict that they will be big this spring.

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