Besides New York, Milan is my absolute favorite fashion week so it’s sad to see it come to an end so soon. Here are the last few looks that I loved from this show!



Look 37

Versace is my favorite Italian brand so this is the show I was most looking forward to this week and it was even better than I could have imagined. I loved Donatella’s spin on sportswear. A lot of people have been saying that leggings are not fashionable lately and Donatella challenges that notion. I personally think that it is more difficult to make leggings look fashionable unless they have something about them that makes them different. These leggings are made in a way that makes it clear that the person wearing them is a fashionista. This look seems super comfortable and easy to wear and I love the simplicity of throwing on a backpack. Windbreakers are a ’90s staple and I love the way it is paired with matching leggings.


Look 50

This is my all-time favorite look of the entire season. I stared at this dress for 10 minutes because that’s how much I love it. I like how it looks like there is lightning striking across Yasmin as she storms the runway. If David Bowie was alive and wore mini-dresses, I could totally see him wearing this. The different textures and the vertical lines are super flattering and I love the embellishments. This is the dress of my dreams, “When I go to sleep I dream Versace.”



Look 2

The sportswear theme continues at Tod’s. I think that that by wearing the same print in all of the pieces makes the model look very put together. Previously crop tops were almost only paired with a high waisted bottom, but I have noticed that a lot of people have been baring more skin this season. This is a trend that I am less reluctant to try, but I think that it is a cool way to display confidence.

Bottega Veneta


Look 79

This show featured the modern trend of monochrome. Using this trend makes an outfit look put together and calculated. I am currently searching for the perfect fall knits and I think this one would be great for this season!

Jil Sander


Look 12

This look appears intimidating at first, but I love the structured silhouette. Brands like Jil Sander and Vetements are loving the shoulder pads trend as well as wearing extra-long tops. I think that the long top looks effortless and super cool.

Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini




Look 34

I just love how romantic Philosophy makes their clothing as it appears to be fitting of a princess. The pastels and lace makes this look something to dream about. I love the way that the belt is knotted around the waist to modernize this gown.

Dolce & Gabbana


Look 50

This is the private school uniform of the future and I can’t help but wishing that my high school uniform was this cool. I think the visible stitching makes this preppy look seem more edgy. This could be worn anywhere from work to a party and I love how minimalistic it is. Golf shirts and wrap skirts are worthy of adding to your closet.



Look 10

I love the stripes on this dress and when layered with a striped long-sleeve I think it looks sporty and high fashion. I wear a lot of fit and flare styles and dresses so I love whenever brands features clothing of this style. I am not a big fan of flats (I wear sneakers, boots, and heels only), but I am in love with the ballet-inspired shoes that have been gracing the runway in MSGM here as well as Miu Miu.

Salvatore Ferragamo


Look 43

I am shivering as we speak due to the sudden cold front in South Bend so I am loving this outerwear. Trench coats are perfect for this transitional weather and I love the way that this trench is paired with the yellow dress. Knits are always so cozy and I love seeing them used in different ways which is why I love these boots. I talked in a few past posts about how yellow is a trending color for this spring.



Look 5

Knitwear and stripes are the two words that I would use to describe Missoni. I think this dress is the quintessential definition of their brand. It looks cozy and  could work in all four seasons. I read an amazing article on a day in the life of the designer and was fascinated by the simplicity of the brand which is housed in a small-town in Italy. I always look forward to seeing these knits on the runway and I can’t wait for more.

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