(Looking back at 2016 like…)

A lot of things happened this year, here are the things I will positively reflect on about 2016.

  1. Dabbing

Cam Newton, you may be having a bad year, but your signature dance move isn’t.


(Apparently, I joined in on this trend a couple of months behind??? Oops. My bad.)

  1. Kanye vs. Taylor

This could go down as the most entertaining and dramatic celebrity feud I have ever witnessed in my life. Did the Bad Blood ever actually cease?


  1. ELLE Magazine 

I started my fashion career interning at ELLE Magazine and I fell in love! I was so happy to have the opportunity to work there and I learned so much.

4. Harambe

The internet was able to perpetuate a simple current events story into a 7-month long endless meme. This is a sign that the future is here and it involves a lot of memes.


5. The return of the ‘90s in fashion

Slip dresses, combat boots, and chokers are all items that we became very familiar with in 2016. I can’t complain though since it’s my favorite fashion era.


6. I would describe the election as… unforgettable? 

No comment necessary here.


200-1 200          7. The rise of Vetements

Vetements launched in 2014, but it gained a lot more attention this year than ever before. They receive a lot of criticism for selling Levi’s and hoodies for over $1,000, but they aren’t trying to rob us. They are re-defining the meaning of high-fashion.

(Vetements translated seamlessly from the runway to the streets this year)

2016 for me started with the launch of this blog, so you could say it’s been an amazing year for me. For some reason, all of the memes on the internet about New Year’s are about how much 2016 sucked. I thought it was an amazing year and I think it’s time for us all to look on the bright side of 2016. Look how many memes we got out of it!

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