I’ve already picked my costumes for this Halloween so *stay tuned!* I had a few great backup options I wanted to share with you guys! If you end up using any of these ideas send me your photos and tag @styleintheway!!!


Carrie’s most infamous look. If you’ve watched the entire series you have sat through this exactly 94 times!! Let that sink in.

I just finished the series and thought this would be such a fun and easy outfit. The aggressiveness of the ballerina skirt makes it obvious that you are dressing up for Halloween even to those who are not familiar with the series. Adding a satin blue Manolo pump ties the entire season together from the first episode to the movie. Who remembers when Miranda said, “The only two (Halloween) choices for women; witch and sexy kitten!” Now there are three!!


Being a firefighter is overrated. Why not be the actual fire? Clothing items with flame print have been really trendy this past summer so it should be easier than ever to find pieces for this outfit. This costume is perfect because you can always have a friend pull out the classic firefighter costume and join you!

Construction Worker
Orange is another color that has become more popular lately so you can take advantage of this trend by suiting up for a fun night. This one has multiple option because you can transform into a prisoner half way through the night. Finding a construction worker hat during Halloween is as easy as driving to a Party City. If you are in a last minute rut, this is the perfect costume for you!

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