Monochrome is the word of the season. This is nothing new as we saw the trend thriving last fashion month, but it was nowhere as popular as it is today. I already talked to you about the monochrome trend in the form of New York’s all-black. This translates from English to Italian and black to red on the runway at Milan Fashion Week.

Just like black, I feel like the color red speaks to anyone surrounding the person who is wearing it. It’s almost screaming, “I AM BOLD AND UNAFRAID.”

The trend has a hint of Blair Waldorf in it as we see red tights on several runways as well.

I mean if Taylor Swift wrote an entire album about red it has to mean a lot, right? This comes in all different shapes of dresses, coats, and more.


Since last fall, when I think of Fendi the sock boot comes to mind. Now it’s the thigh-high red boot that is ruling Karl’s catwalk. This show, like many of those from the Milan episode of fashion month, comes with a ’70s vibe. The all red looks featured here are conservative yet sexy. Kendall Jenner (far left) looks like Margot Tenenbaum if Wes Anderson envisioned her in red.


Max Mara

When I think of Max Mara I envision a more minimalistic set of designs and I love how easily red translates into this formula. The show opened up with a plethora of red and transitioned to other monochromatic color options. While Fendi favored dark reds, the brightness of Max Mara appears as a contrast. This blood orange shade is an even bolder start to a show like this. I’m actually fangirling over it as we speak.


And these weren’t the only fashion houses that centralized around red. Here are more of my favorite monochrome looks…

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Photos Courtesy of Vogue Runway



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