From the streets to the runway, the pom-pom is being spotted everywhere as the hottest accessory. Models, actresses, bloggers and beauty gurus are all adding liveliness to their outfits with this adorable keychain. It is the best way to add flare to any purse you own and it’s an excellent place to put your house key.


The Fendi x Karl Lagerfeld Pompon aka Karlito is my personal favorite, seen above on Kendall Jenner. The head of Karl, who is our father, sits on a ball of fox fur. In classic Karl Lagerfeld style, he wears large black sunglasses and a suit and tie.

If you are a college student on a budget, the Michael Kors puff is only $40. I paired it with a gold and black Chanel purse. The puff itself is made out of extremely soft rabbit fur. When you lose your key as much as I do, attaching it to something so large and stylish ensures that you will not misplace it.

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