Fashion week continues!! Here are more reviews of my favorite shows.

Sies Marjan

While looking through this show, it is evident that monochrome is the major theme. Almost every look is monochromatic head to toe.


Look 1

The slip dress continues to reign supreme! Sies Marjan takes this classic slip dress and makes it interesting with the unique way the fabric is pinned and cut. I also love the bright color of this slip paired with the dark shoes. The slip dress is usually a grunge statement, but this makes the slip look punk.


Hood by Air

This show included a lot of controversial themes that I personally don’t understand. I am still waiting to read interviews from the designer about those looks, but this one is a personal favorite from the show.


Look 29

I love this because it is definitely something that I could see myself wearing! I sometimes like to describe my personal style as preppy grunge and I think that this photo emulates the look that I love. I also go crazy for mini skirts and boots.

Jonathan Simkhai

Simkhai challenges all who say that you can’t wear white after labor day. There were so many white dresses in this show which made it look so elegant.


Look 5

Of all the white dresses, this one was a personal favorite. The lace details and cutouts are phenomenal. I have been seeing a lot of long tops with short skirts this season and I predict that to be trending this spring.


Look 21

The pajama trend is something that everyone is buzzing about. What’s the point of having nice pajamas without getting the chance to wear them around? I have seen this look on so many bloggers and celebrities and I always love seeing it on the runway. The choker pairs really well with this look.


Look 28

Who says you can’t wear a sweater of a dress?? I know I’ve done it before. I think this is a great way to transition from summer to fall and winter to spring. I  can guarantee you I will be dressing like this to class a few times this semester. Georgia Fowler is a model I worked with while at ELLE so I was so excited to see her in this show.


Jill Stuart


Look 4

When I first saw this, I was immediately reminded of a waterfall. There were some slow motions videos on Instagram that really highlighted the way that this dress flows off the models body. The layer of black over the dress mutes the colors and makes it more edgy. My favorite part about this look is that the makeup and dress are matching colors.


Look 11


The one-shoulder top in this look takes me back to the ’80s. The green arm sleeves are a great way to transition between seasons because it keeps you warm while showing off your summer top.

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