Jordyn Woods in Yeezy Season 6


People are always asking me how I feel about Yeezy and the truth is; I really don’t know…

It’s always been a love/hate relationship, but this week it has definitely been more on the hate side. The Yeezy Season 6 lookbook was definitely a disappointment to me. Don’t get me wrong; I am a huge fan of Kanye West and I “keep up with the Kardashian’s” even more than the average 20-year-old girl does. Unfortunately, this lookbook had me wishing that the 6th season be the last we see of Yeezy.

Bye-Bye Yeezy Fashion Shows, Hello DIY Lookbooks?

Amina Blue in Yeezy Season 6 Lookbook

With a lot of major fashion designers, slowly starting to ditch fashion week, Yeezy decided to jump on that train. When leaving behind fashion week, it is important to take advantage of the money that would have been spent on the show to create a high-quality lookbook and extremely creative designs. West did not deliver this and instead decided to stage a cheap photo shoot and pay homage to his family’s personal brand; Kim Kardashian fashion.

Kanye West is sending mixed signals with the release of this lookbook because he is known for hating the paparazzi so turning their photographs into art is contradictory to previous statements he has made. Do you want them to follow your family or not?

This reminded me a little bit about Virgil Abloh’s decision to recreate a famous look worn by Princess Diana on Naomi Campbell in a recent Off-White fashion show. The thing is Princess Diana’s fashion sense is reminiscent of the 90’s and 2000’s while Kim Kardashian is a modern-day fashion icon. The show is just copying her current sense of style instead of being artistically inspired.


The Missguided Website 

Fast-fashion retailer, Missguided, was able to create a knock-off version of Yeezy Season 6 in…. only about four or five seconds. I mean it literally dropped on the same exact day and was called, “The Essentials: Season 1.” Almost as quickly as the collection was released, it was removed from the internet after news sources blew up on the brand accusing them of blatant copying. The designs were so simple that they would be copied this emphasizing that they lack creative complexity.

 It Doesn’t All Fall Down

Sami Miro in Yeezy Season 6 Lookbook

Overall, I was not a fan of this collection but there are still aspects of it that I admire. I think the marketing strategy of using top influencers in the lookbook and morphing them into representations of the brand was genius. It got a lot of buzz across all of these social channels at the same time. I also like how inclusive the cast of influencer is. This shows us that they all don’t have to have the same body-type or skin color as Kim Kardashian to play her part.

The marketing strategy was on point but the product itself, as well as the way it was shot, was weak. The internet saying is: content is king. So, if your actual product isn’t amazing it won’t deliver successful results.

Now if we could get a Yeezy collection inspired by North West’s fashion choices, I would definitely be a fan. Did you guys love or hate this collection?


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