The perspex trend finally made it all the way to the biggest fashion house in the world, Chanel, and it takes on a whole new meaning in this couture way. The way it’s been worn on the streets recently sometimes becomes an over-sexualized flash of skin but Chanel has a way of taking it to a highly sophisticated level.

I remember the controversy that occurred over Topshop’s clear jeans. Everyone who hated on Topshop is probably gawking know at the thought that these pieces of plastic are going to be for sale at thousands of dollars.


Lately, I’ve been getting annoyed with brands that are featuring collections bigger than 40 looks because it feels like there is no artistic direction. I can barely sit through Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana because watching a show that long by flipping through photos just becomes difficult to understand. However, this show had my attention all the way through. There was a real cohesiveness throughout the entirety of it that I really appreciate.


Ok so you know those times when you are having a really good hair day but also you want to wear a hat? Chanel is giving us the best of both worlds. You can show off your super-chic middle part with the perspex hat.


Another perfect scenario! You are wearing Chanel because it’s fashion week but you’re studying abroad in London so it rains every hour on the hour. Protecting your garments just became chic! How economical?


Everyone is loving the microbag trends lately but it really isn’t practical to fit everything you need for the day into something so small. I’m glad to see carrying two bags on the runway because that is something everyone is going to have to do as the trend continues to rule the streets especially during fashion week.


Millenial pink and ruffles have been around since last fashion week and I love Chanel’s take on it. I especially love how both of the main pieces in this look could be dressed up or down.

The plastic trend is really revolutionary and it has me so excited for the future of fashion!! I think it would be really cool if a brand used recycled plastic to make pieces like this!!! Should I patent the idea???

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