This is the last installment of my New York Fashion Week series for this season! I loved watching all of the shoes on and I am so excited to start seeing these trends on the streets.



Look 20

Shoulder pads are back!! This look reminds me of what would be worn during King Henry VIII’s reign. Everyone knows how much Henry loved bulky shoulders. I am also reminded of what the Queen of Hearts would be seen wearing during Alice and Wonderland. I think the yellow shoes provide a beautiful contrast to the red dress. I can’t forget to mention that this is another sequined dress! A year ago, I would’ve said that I am not a fan of sequins, but this season in fashion week has changed me. I have loved seeing sequins everywhere this past week.


Look 26

Yet another beautiful Rodarte look! Florals for spring is a must-have and I love the way that multiple different floral patterns are mixed into one outfit. Mixing patterns is a great way to revolutionize the floral trend. A lot of designers had their models wearing less jewelry this season, but not Rodarte. I think the earrings that wrap around this models neck are so cool. This might be one of my favorite looks this season (which is hard to say because I love so many of them!!).



Look 18

I “Can’t Help Falling in Love” with Coach this season! The brand included heavy references to music, specifically Elvis, while including a punk-rock vibe to the clothing. I love the way prints are mixed and florals are turned punk in this look. Platform sneakers are everywhere this season!! I love the way they were embellished at coach.


Look 43

This look has a lot in similar with the previous Coach look I featured. Viva Elvis! The model is again wearing a look that features Elvis’s face collaged onto her top. I love the sheer overlay in this look! Whenever I see sheer things in a store, I am reluctant to buy them. Now that I have seen the ways that multiple designers utilize sheer garments, I am dying to give it a try! Some people see leather and lace as opposites, but I love seeing them together at once.

Anna Sui


Look 42

Anna Sui is taking us on a spring break trip to Florida. The baby graphic tee is super casual in comparison to everything else Taylor is wearing here. I love the socks/shoes combo! This is another trend that I have been seeing a lot of lately and I think it is a good way to glam up a basic pair of shoes. I am wearing a robe as I write this, so I was super excited to wake up this morning and see that trend on the runway. With lingerie trending, robes are also picking up in the fashion realm.

Proenza Schouler


Look 34

I just have to start this off by telling you all how much I love to say Proenza Schouler. The name of this brand sounds so edgy and cool! I have been in love with the layering dress trend and I think that Proenza Schouler did an excellent job of it. The cutouts make it even more edgy. The dress has a shine to it that immediately draws your eyes in. The combination of red and blue makes it look purple. I definitely want to try layering like this to bring some of my spring and summer clothing to the winter.


Look 38

If you look very closely you can see people excitedly leaning in to get a closer look at this outfit. This is exactly what I looked when I saw how amazing this sequin skirt is. I love how people are dressing up graphic tees right now and I think that this is an excellent example of how that trend can be done. I think that cow-print shoes are such a bold move, and I love how Schouler isn’t afraid to do anything!

Alexander Wang


Look 8

Menswear meets beachwear at Alexander Wang. These two trends were juxtaposed at the hottest show of the week. I literally love the idea of wearing beach inspired clothing to the streets and I thought this show was absolutely beautiful. This was a dramatic turn from Wang’s typical dark/grunge-y looks and it was nice to see him try something new.


Look 57

I think I have said this almost 10 times in this Style in theWay installment, but SEQUINS are the trend to look forward to this Spring/Summer.What does this mean for people like you and me?? We need to get shopping so we can make sure we have sequins in our closets. I have a sequin jacket and I can’t wait to put it on the blog. Almost every brand featured sequined looks and I loved it. This sequin look is one of my favorites because of the iridescent tone. Depending on the light the sequins changed colors drawing all eyes to this portion of the show. These shoes are either loved or hated by everyone who knows anything about fashion. I side with those who love them! I have seen so many people wear them in cool ways and I think they are an amazing staple for Wang to have in his collection.

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