Ok, so you know when you’re getting ready in the morning and you can’t decide what to wear? Yeah, that was me this morning. I eventually figured it out but now I don’t even have to!! Designers are pushing “spliced” looks which is basically the equivalent of wearing two different things at the same time. “Business in the front, party in the back” has a whole new meaning; we aren’t talking mulletts anymore. I’m thinking of calling it “Business on the left, party on the right.”


Alexander Wang

When half of you is a serious college student and the other half is a crazy fashion girl… This look is soo me. If you can’t decide to wear class clothes or something for going-out this is seriously the look. When every designer has already done slips this is definitely a fun way to make the trend different.


Public School

This is the ultimate sporty girl look. You don’t even have to say “sorry, I forgot to wear pants” after wearing a look like this perfect. Bottoms aren’t even needed!! The trend of “I woke up like this” is real here. This model could have seriously just rolled out of bed yet it looks so chic.


Juicy Couture

I’ve been to the year 2000, and it’s asking for its Juicy sweatpants back. This brand is seriously making a comeback and I am totally in support. Trade out your 2000s Juicy sweatpants for these Juicy high-waisted jeans paired with a spliced tee.

I have a feeling that we will see a lot more of this trend as fashion week continues. If you see any spliced things on Instagram, tag me!!

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