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Construction worker… but make it fashion! x

Blue-collar themed ready-to-wear trends have been mainstream for the past few years with the rise of Vetements as one of the biggest forces in fashion. This trend has taken a turn from the simplicity of Levi’s and DHL t-shirts to the life of a construction worker. The working class is the latest source of inspiration for the biggest fashion designers. Is this related to the current political climate? Whatever it is that has brought designers to follow this trend, it has now moved around to different brands including some of the trendiest at the moment. It has not been easy for me to find clothing that is along the same lines as this trend


This is the brand that initially brought this trend to my attention. I would describe Off-White as one of the pioneers in the field of industrial style fashion. Everyone knows how trendy the industrial “belt” has been this past year and I have to say I am a big fan myself. It gives fashion a touch of IDGAF which is what truly sells. Everyone wants to look effortlessly cool and that is exactly the attitude brought on by the construction trend.

Calvin Klein

calvin klein construction

A more recent addition to the trend. A few weeks ago, at New York Fashion Week the brand held what I would call a plot twist show. The show was set on Valentine’s Day and the set looked like the set of a construction scene. The first look was extremely bold as a full look of orange. The show continued with some more wearable options for those interested in this trend. These Calvin Klein pieces are something I am looking forward to seeing on the streets soon. They’ll be easy to spot, but pleassse don’t touch my Raf!

I Am Gia

i am gia gwen pants construction

I Am Gia is that hot new street style brand that every top model, influencer, and celebrity has been wearing. It’s affordable, trendy, and exactly what the industry needs right now. I have had my eye on their pants section specifically and their last collection featured a pair of construction pants, dubbed the Gwen pant, that were pretty popular. The fact that the trend has moved to street style says a lot about the impact that it has had on the industry. The orange are sold out everywhere except here and their latest collection includes them in green which you can check out here.

N. Hoolywood

n hoolywood

I lastly have to mention a menswear brand that went all out for this one with their set design. Last month, a collaboration with Timberland led to the everyday people finding a place on the runway. The lighting was dull and the clothing blended well into a landscape that included cranes and lots of orange. This was the first time I noticed the trend on the runway so its an interesting coincidence that Calvin Klein was able to jump in so fast.


I have a theory that fashion designers are currently fascinated with the working class due to the recent election. This controversy divided part of the fashion industry and the working class is the group of people who supposedly became the silent majority at the voting polls. Are designers exploring this group to get a better understanding of them? Just a thought.

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  1. Fabulous read. I really enjoyed how thorough this article is. I also like that you referenced runway shows that correlated with the construction worker theme. Dope article!

    1. Thank you! Didn’t even think of that reference! Will have to look into the old shatterhand trends from the runway; especially western trends x

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