During London fashion week, attendees at Preen by Thorton Bregazzi took a quick flight back to the US in a way. Salem, Massachusetts was the setting for this fashion show that brought up a strong commentary about sexuality. The show starts with a conservative white shirting dresses that have the “Scarlet Letter” emboldened on it.


Each dress that is part of the scarlet letter series of this show is increasingly revealing but still conservative in relation to what we are used to seeing on the runway.


As more and more looks come out there is an increase in sheer and barely there dresses.


The collection was not only stunning but extremely thought-provoking. I can only imagine the message that Bregazzi is trying to bring to the surface through his designs. I think it has something to do with the different definitions of what actions constitute a scarlet letter.

The change in sexual freedoms from 1850 to 2017 is illustrated by the difference between the first look in the show and the last. The scarlet letter has to be literally placed on the white dress to define its meaning but the red dress speaks for itself without the label. I have a great appreciation for the depth and complexity of this show and I hope that more designers this month focus on telling stories with their clothes.
Sierra x

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