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My title may be all-black is back, but those of you who know New York you know all-black never quite left the city. However, multiple designers chose to feature collections that featured the color black excessively. “Whoever said orange is the new black is seriously disturbed” is a Legally Blonde quote that comes to mind. I agree!! Nothing can replace black; it’s the simplest yet most complex color of them all. These designers start their shows with a muted, minimalistic theme that eventually grows as more and more models walk down the catwalk into an even greater spectacle. Starting off small and ending with a bang is a good way to get people talking about your show. When most of your audience is seeing multiple collections a day every designer is looking for ways to stand out. If I could describe this trend in two words, I would simply say “New York.”

Alexander Wang

What’s new with the #wangsquad? Last year the words we read on Wang’s clothing were “girls” and “strict.” It seems that “No After Party” is the new phrase on everybody’s lips after this runway show. The clothes are black, the models are strong and confident, and the setting is bold. There isn’t a single color in the show besides black, white and gray. While this sounds like it might be depressing or boring, Alex Wang is still able to bring a ton of energy and life into his clothes.

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Proenza Schouler

Everyone was sad at this show and not because of the dull tones, but because Proenza Schouler is taking its team to Paris. Their last show in New York truly paid patronage to the city’s notable all-black uniform. The entire show gave me a rock-and-roll vibe because of the vinyl and sharp edges. There was a lot of asymmetry and cut-outs adding a dramatic flair to the goodbye spectacle. We’ll miss you, Proenza!

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Brandon Maxwell

This was a very sexy show with a diverse cast of amazing models. I am a huge fan of miniskirts so I am a fan of the amount of leg shown here. The harsh smoky eye is something that makes these looks even more robust. I wasn’t that familiar with Brandon Maxwell before seeing this show, but I am a big fan now and I’m looking forward to seeing more from him.

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Photos Courtesy of Vogue Runway

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