Fashion week is always the best time of the year. A common misconception about fashion week is that it is a glamorous vacation but there is a lot more to it than that. I spent hours leading up to it preparing my schedule and styling outfits. The funniest thing is that what is planned never seems to happen but that is more than ok with me. I’ve only ever attended New York and Chicago Fashion week so London Fashion Week was a completely new experience for me. I have decided to create a diary going over the highlights of my experience this week!


This was the first day of London fashion week and lucky for me it was an easy one. I spent the day finalizing my outfits for the week which is much more difficult than it seems. I spent hours wandering Oxford Street looking for items that were trendy enough. The goal for me is always to make my outfits more extra than normal. I ended up wearing a thrifted Adidas jacket to the Vin + Omi with vintage Levi’s and a crop top which ended up being the most comfortable outfit ever. Lucky me!

vintage adidas

In New York, shows always start 15-minutes-late and getting in and out of the venue is such a breeze that there is no point in arriving on time.  I was lucky that I ended up arriving early because when I arrived a crowd had already queued up. I barely made it in before they reached capacity and turned away many ticket holders. I met a lot of people which quickly became my favorite part of fashion week.


I started the weekend with my first full day of fashion week and it couldn’t have gone better! My first presentation of the day was a breakfast with Sinclair London where they launched their first collection. I saw a well-known blogger that I have looked up to for a while and had the greatest conversation with her. Something I learned right away is that everyone is extremely friendly. My perception of fashion week before I had attended was that people would measure status based on the number of followers. I learned quickly that no matter how many followers each blogger has, we are all still friends which is great! I wore a navy blue and black ensemble centered around a pair of boots I got on sale (so sad, they’re sold out, but they are from Zara!)

navy blue and black

I took a break midday that led to an extremely busy afternoon with four events that were spread all over London. I sat at the Apple store for a few hours charging my phone to prepare for the afternoon ahead. My unlimited Oyster Card turned out to be useful as I ran from central London, to east, and then far west. There was a show that I entered and left so quickly it was almost as if I had not even attended (don’t worry I wandered backstage to make sure I got to see the entire collection).

Fortunately, my roommates joined me for fries and milkshakes to celebrate the start of the weekend after my long and tiring day.


I quickly attended a presentation in the morning before heading to my class building to get to work! Turned out I had a 10-page paper due. I was able to make time to stop over at the cutest tea shop in London, Peggy Porschen’s, during a study break that was well worth it.

peggy porschen


I skipped my morning shows to finish my paper and was luckily able to complete the whole thing with time to attend a show and do a photoshoot. I stood outside of Freemason’s Hall and made a lot of friends during the time as people passed that day.


Keeping fashion week part of my schedule became difficult at this time because I had a class schedule to work around. I was able to attend a morning show but ended up being late to class. I learned quickly that the bus is probably the slowest option during rush hour traffic, my bad. At the show, I quickly befriended the nearest person who was traveling solo that morning and we took photos while watching the models and listening to the Tom Petty cover band. My friend joked, that they knew I was coming so they had to make me feel like home with some American records. I attended a show later that day and headed home to get to work. I changed back into my teatime outfit so I could snap some good photos of it.

london fashion week street style


I was lucky enough that my classes ended in time for me to make it to all of my presentations this day. My morning show with Merchant Archives had tea and biscuit which was really the icing on the cake of a beautiful venue and collection. I spent the day attending a few events looking forward to a night show. I was so sad that I was unable to take a photo of my outfit on this day but I wore the coolest pink pants.

Thank you for reading! I have a blog post coming up shortly that will describe my favorite shows that I was fortunate enough to attend so look out for that!


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