We are nearing the end of fashion week! Paris is the last stop and I am super excited to talk about all of the classy and cool Parisian brands. Here are my favorites from the first few days:

Yves Saint Laurent


Look 29

Anthony Vaccerello had big shoes to fill after Hedi Slimane stepped down this year at Yves Saint Laurent. He did an excellent job at his debut collection with the brand. It was minimalistic mainly featuring the colors black and gold. Nothing looks cooler right now than over-layering an outfit. The three layers of a leather jacket, a denim jacket, and a graphic tee are very edgy. In the winter time triple layering is a great way to stay warm while looking fashionable. I think that the jacquard shoes are the perfect finishing touch for this look.

Dries Van Noten


Look 23

Dries is a brand that I have only recently become acquainted with and I am in love with it. It is intimidating and if someone is wearing Dries Van Noten you know they know fashion. Dries is something that the mainstream is scared of, so automatically fashion girls are flocking to it. The craze over their statement shoes is well-deserved because they’re so beautiful! I chose this look because I am loving the flared jeans trend. It’s so 2000’s and these jeans seem almost like a skirt. I have talked a lot about bombers and I like how this one is unzipped at the bottom which looks trendy and cool to me. I’ve mentioned before that I have seen yellow on the runway a lot this season and Dries is another brand that is loving that trend.


Look 51

I love this look because I can see so many different people wearing. Anyone from Hillary Clinton to Kendall Jenner would consider wearing this look because it is so versatille. The florals are placed differently than usual and I like how they seem to be blooming from the top. The pants are almost like the stems to the flowers as they grow upwards towards the face.



Look 30

Rochas is another brand that is working off of the ballerina uniform trend. This tulle ballerina skirt is well-paired with a knit tee. I love the long gloves since it makes the outfit look really well-put together. This is another example of casual clothing paired with something more formal and I am not over how much I love when people do that!



Look 18

Carven is currently a personal favorite because I think it is such a great combination between trendy and classic. I love the extra-long sleeves in this look because it makes the model’s torso look longer. Wearing a scarf as a skirt is daring and I think it looks casual and cool. Lately a lot of brands have been paying attention to logos and self-branding so I like the embellishment that was place on this knit.


Look 21

I love the graphic tee and I think it pairs well with this ballerina skirt. The embellished belt serves as a sharp contrast between the cotton of the tee and the soft tulle in the skirt that she is wearing. Something else I love about the skirt is the assymetric silhouette as well as the different textures. This is a very wearable look that I can envision on any street corner.



Look 9

Balmain took a dramatic turn from it’s usual look. The heavy embellished, super-tight dresses are gone and as Olivier (the designer) puts it, “the Balmain army has shed it’s armor.” I am in love with the new Balmain. This new style shows that the brand has a soft side and the models strutted down the runway with clothing flowing on them like a waterfall. I really like the burnt sienna color that is used in this dress and watching it go down the runway was like watching a dreamy reddish-brown waterfall.



Look 17

I am not crazy about pants (skirts are a way of life!) so i normally shy away from runway looks that include them, but this was so good I had to choose it to talk to you guys about. With the bomber trend being so prevalent right now, any way that designers can make a bomber look unique is attention-grabbing. The lace in this is a beautiful way to make a bomber different and I love that it’s only zipped at the bottom. The chain is something that reminds me of the 90s rapper trend that we’ve seen in other shows this month.

Olivier Theyskens


Look 5

I love the sheer sleeves worn under this dress because it’s like tights for the arms. I just ordered something like this from forever 21 so I can wear my summer clothes during the winter. Bell sleeves were pretty popular this summer so it is cool to see that trend continuing.



Look 2

I love that this dress is super super short since it could be worn as a top with jeans too. The pouch on the dress is a new and modern way to do pockets and store a cellphone. The metallic fabric is very futuristic and intriguing. I love this brand because I think it is very modern and is designed towards young people.


Look 20

I am in love with these pants especially sequins so I think these are a super cool way to make a statement. Athleisure juxtaposed with elegant clothing is something that I love to see. The button down layered underneath a sweatshirt is an excellent example of this and I think it looks cool and effortless.



Look 39

The maxi graphic florals in this look are eye catching. I love the way a bomber is paired with this dress. Sequins and leather added in to this look makes it look high-fashion. The sporty striped hem on the bomber makes this dress easily transferrable from the runway to the streets.

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