It’s finally the most wonderful time of the year and I’m not talking about Christmas (It isn’t December 25th quite yet!!). I’m talking about the wonderful time that we all suddenly become inspired to go on intense diets and spend hours doing Dogpound workouts. This inspiration comes directly from the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. Last year I was guilty of doing a VS workout challenge during the show, but this year I’m just going to eat junk food and blog about all of it. Hey, it’s the week before finals, I have some venting to do.

1.The first walk has sooooo many colors I love it!!

2. Josephine walks out in the first look: Perfect walk, perfect smile. She was the perfect person to start the show!

3. Kendall trying to walk the runway is me trying to walk home after a 7:15am exam (I love Kendall, but I’ve seen better walks on Toddlers and Tiaras)

4. What happens to all the wings after the show? Do they donate them? Send them to heaven? Burn them?

5. Model: “Victoria Secret makes the best lingerie!!”

Me: Um, have you heard of Eres, Fleur du Mal, ID Sarreiri, Mimi Holliday, La Perla…(I could continue)?

6. Pink is such a cute and youthful brand. It was one of my favorite parts of the show last year!

7. Teach me how to walk in heels that high?!!! I can barely make it to class in 4inch booties.

8. Starting to regret the fact that I haven’t been going to the gym lately.

9. *Camille Rowe walks* She’s 5’7″! Does this mean I have a chance?!!

10. The bow wings might be a little extra, but they’re so beautiful!! A recent trend this season is wearing socks with high heel shoes and it was cool to see how VS incorporated this into their show.


11. Ok this metallic look is key to athleisure.


12. Wait, but how is their hair so perfect….?

13. The segment where the other models talked about Adriana’s walk was so necessary. She’s 35 years old and still modeling. Literally goals.


14. Bella’s face when she walks by her ex is me when my professors assign MORE work during finals week :/


15. *a model I worked with at ELLE Magazine walks*… I KNOW YOU. Remember me? No. OK. Sorry, bye.


16. I feel like Sara is literally flying down the runway. Her wings are so majestic. This is the look I would most like to wear if I was a model.


17. The strappy all-black part of the show is another one of my favorite parts. It’s so edgy.

18. When Lady Gaga out stages every single model. MEME-MAKERS. MAKE THE MEMES NOW PLEASE.

19. 215 Million instagram folllowers between all of them… Can I borrow a few?

I grew up wanting to be a Victoria Secret Angel so watching this show is always something I look forward to. This is my first year watching the show as an American Studies major and it is hard to separate my studies on gender, race, and the media from my viewing experience. I would like to challenge the designers of the show to make an attempt to avoid cultural appropriation because I saw lot of that in this years show. I remember a few years ago they did a segment on Karlie Kloss’s ballerina career and I wish they would do more things like that. I think it is important that they highlight the fact that the models are more than just pretty faces, but strong, smart, and talented women. I can’t wait to see what happens next year!

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