During my summer in NYC, I have decided to take the hashtag #TrainLikeAnAngel seriously. I am starting a fitness series where I head to the gyms that train the top models and celebrities. After my workouts, I will come to my blog and tell you guys all about it! The biggest fitness craze these days has been boxing. I have never boxed before, but I knew I had to give it a shot. When starting a new hobby, I like to start big. I could have (and maybe should have) done a more lowkey class first before going to the toughest gym in Tribeca. I decided to push myself and head to Dogpound. On this beautiful Saturday morning at 8am I ended up at the front door of 1 Renwick.IMG_9150

For some reason, I was expecting large flashing lights and a lot of presence near the boutique studio, but I didn’t encounter anybody on my way toward the gym. It was tucked away in a convenient location right off of Canal street. The holiday has driven most New Yorkers out of the city so it was a small class. This was nice because I got a lot of personal attention and felt like our little group had bonded by the end. When we finally got into the gym and the trainers walked in, they came walking in just like a pack. They all had great bodies, outfits, and a lot of confidence. I recognized a lot of them from the Instagrams of my favorite models.

IMG_9146 IMG_9145

I got my boxing gloves on for the first time and got ready to start. This gym has a lot of rules and I learned quickly that if I needed to follow them or else I would be doing push-ups. We started with jump rope, running, and more conditioning things. As a person who normally says things like “I don’t run” and “I don’t do push-ups” it was nice to be pushed out of my comfort zone (even though it was really painful to do so). Throughout the most of the workout I was in a lot of pain and really lagging behind the rest of the group, but everyone was very supportive. It definitely was a strong community experience.

Our trainer Bianca  gave great feedback and instruction. When we started punching the workout started to get really fun. We practiced different boxing moves and learned how to hit. When I workout on my own, I usually only do abs because I really don’t care about anything else. It took a lot for me to step out of my comfort zone and do upper body exercises. My favorite part of the entire workout was definitely when we started to do abs because I am so used to doing them.

I now have so much respect for anyone who is able to workout like this all the time! Seeing their cute Instagram videos, I never realized how much work this kind of activity is. As I said to some of my friends after I left, “I really like the punching people part.” Boxing is definitely something I want to revisit after I am done traveling the best boutique gyms of the city. I 10/10 would recommend working out here! At $34 a class, the price can turn some people away. However, the instructors make sure you get your money’s worth! I was drenched in sweat and high on endorphins after this experience

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