After learning so much about fashion this summer, I am more excited for this fashion week than ever before. September fashion month is the most important time of the year to me and I am so excited that it is already here!

Vogue for Clinton

Last night to kick off the season, Vogue hosted a show dedicated to Hillary Clinton. This was a pretty controversial idea since she technically has not been chosen as president yet, but it was awe-inspiring to see fashion and politics come together in one place.  15 designers came together in order to create this colorful and americanized collection.


I love this look that Marc Jacobs designed for the show. Plaid is a huge trend for this season and I love the way he revolutionized a political shirt. It’s not secret that I love velvet and these boots pair marvelously with the rest of the look. Using brooch pins as embellishment is another predicted trend for this season and I love the way that Marc incorporated it into the look.



Joseph Altuzarra is another designer that collaborated with Vogue on this project. The look he designed is a remixed version of the stereotypical American look. A bandana is something that comes to mind when thinking of American fashion especially because it comes in our colors of red, white, and blue. The idea of mixing prints is a trend that has been going strong for a while now and I love the way that they styled her in three completely different patterns.

Cinq à Sept 


Look 21

The corset trend is something that has been worn by Kim Kardashian, Danielle and originated in the Prada FW16 show. I was excited to see it again because I think it is an amazing way to style an outfit. It draws attention to the waistline and creates a flawless silhouette. This is something that is difficult to pull of, I’m still afraid to try it, but it is extremely high fashion at the moment. The corset pairs well with the tailored jacket because it makes it even more feminine. I also love that combat boots are back in style as well. I predict that many more designers will feature this type of show in their shows and I am looking forward to seeing how they incorporate it!


Look 18

While flipping through the images of this show, I immediately came to a halt when I saw this dress because of how beautiful it is. Something interesting about this look is the way it is accessorized. The model wears no jewelry which simplifies the look. Pairing it with combat boots gives her the “cool girl who only spend 10 minutes getting ready” vibe. This vibe is something that I aspire to, so you can imagine why I was so awe-struck by this look.19-cinc-a-sept-spring-2017

Look 19

Bombers and leggings: the uniform of Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid done in a completely different way. To be honest, I have been staring at the legs of this model and still can’t tell what the embroidery reads, but I think that it’s a super cool way to change up this wardrobe staple. I also love the ruffles on this bomber paired with a turtleneck. All of the action from head to do elongates the model who wears this look.



Look 24

When watching the VFiles show, this look immediately jumped out to me. It features many trends from last season combined with the new trends of Spring 2017. The embroidered patches on denim trend is something we have all been seeing for a while, but I like how they switched it up into an asymmetrical form. The floral tights are a risky move, but I love how they are styled in this look.


Look 43

This is by far my favorite look of fashion week (so far). It is the most powerful look I have seen on the runway. On first glance, I did not think much of it, but after zooming in I noticed an important message:


The model is dressed in a plastic and has plastic surgery marks on her face. She is demonstrating the need for women to fit the standards that society sets for them. I love the way the designer was able to visually display this message. I also have to comment on the socks she is wearing. I have seen those types of basketball socks in a few other shows this season and I think it’s a really interesting way to style footwear.

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