H&M is back at it again with it’s highest anticipated annual collection. Since 2002, the brand has composed an affordable line of clothing and accessories. Why do designers let brands like H&M lower the value of their clothing? I found out the answer to this when I assisted on-set of one of the first photoshoots from this collaboration.

Brand loyalty is an important thing that all businesses are searching for from their clients. A lot of young people can’t afford to shop the designer brands that H&M has collaborated with directly from their store. Giving young people the opportunity to have a piece from that brand in their closet is something that will make them want to buy from the actual brand when they can afford to.

When I first saw the collection I was blown away with how out-there it was. Carol Lim and Huberto Leon were not afraid to take risks on this. I felt like it was designed for a fashion forward and younger crowd. Since a lot of people play it safe for their fast fashion lines, I liked that Kenzo held nothing back.

Being on set with the designers and some of the ELLE staff was a really cool experience and I loved seeing the collection early. I know that the ruffle sweater that I purchased will forever be a reminder of the first shoot I worked on.

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Top: Kenzo x H&M (sold out)

Skirt: Urban Outfitters (similar)

Shoes: Vintage (thrifted in Wicker Park)

Photos by Christian Brunner Lopez

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