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I first wore this dress on a visit to the MET and while shopping on 5th Avenue. I was asked “Is it a dress or a shirt?” multiple times throughout the day. After receiving so many questions and compliments on this look, I knew I wanted to feature it in one of my blogposts. To answer the question, yes it is a dress!! Since it is a little bit too short for me, I like to wear it as a top with jean shorts underneath. I actually got the idea from something I saw Lana Del Rey (God bless the Queen) wearing. lana-del-rey-berlin-zitadelle-spandau-2014-155188

You can’t really tell in this shot, but she is wearing shorts under her dress too!

Dress: Faithfull The Brand (Similar 1, 2)

Shorts: BDG

Shoes: Kenneth Cole

Photos by Christian Brunner-Lopez

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