I walked into my hair salon for my usual hair cut. Prior to this, I had certainly contemplated starting a fashion blog, but being as lame as I usually am, I just never got around to it. While my hairdresser was washing my hair, a woman approached me and asked me if I modeled.

I was flattered to be asked this and I responded honestly “No, but I really want to!” She then asked me where I went to school and I told her that I am a freshman at the University of Notre Dame. This woman then shared with me some useful knowledge that lead me here. Long story short, she recommended that I use my intelligence to write a fashion blog.

So here I am 3 months later beginning a project that I should have began a long time ago. My name is Sierra Mayhew and my blog Style in the Way will be your source for information on fashion and fitness. I hope to see you soon.

Thank you for visiting,

<3 Si

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