Gossip Girl ended 5 years ago but it lives on through our Netflix streaming obsession. While the clothing in the show always stays the same the fashion of our time is constantly changing and it reflects the trends of the 2000s. Still, it’s hard to find a girl who loves fashion that hasn’t spent 5 days and 1 hour (which is the actual amount of time it takes to watch the entire series) admiring Blair’s fashion sense no matter how out of date it becomes.

I have found myself imagining what Blair Waldorf would dress like if she lived in modern times because while watching the show there is a clear gap between the fashion of her days and that of ours. While she played a well-known socialite, that type of celebrity has been replaced by high-fashion models like Kendall Jenner who I believe most likely represents the modern day Blair.

Rihanna hosted Fenty x Puma at a venue that doubled as a library and other designers represented the prep school kids with various uniform themed clothing items. It’s safe to say I felt right at home after the amount of time I spent wearing a uniform as a kid!!!

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Plaid, Lots of Plaid

I tried to take notes on the number of times I saw plaid at New York Fashion Week but gave up after it was featured in over 20 shows. The trend continued on in Europe and it became clear that this preppy staple is back. The plaid coat is the leading piece from this trend and designers were keeping their models warm on the runway in this type of statement coat.

(Public School)

The Headband Army

This was the first moment that I had a feeling that we were seeing Blair Waldorf return. Joseph Altuzarra was the first to bring this trend back but he surely will not be the last. I predict we will see this in more runway shows in the future. The simplicity of his black headband is reminiscent of the Shakespearian time period. Anyone who has watched the show is familiar with the knowledge the Blair insists that members of her posse wear a headband and this is exactly what Altuzarra insisted of his models. Everyone was wearing a headband! It’s almost as if Blair came down from her Upper East Side penthouse and designed the show herself.


Colored Tights

This is the item that secured my belief that Blair truly has returned. I mean, who else is known for wearing colored tights? And it seems that her influence has traveled internationally. Could it be that Queen B is actually residing in Paris this moment pulling the strings on European designers like Missoni, Balenciaga, and Esteban Cortazar? You heard the rumor here first and it’s probably true. Cortazar brought us plaid and colored tights at once! If that is not 2017 Blair Waldorf then I don’t know what is. Below is the classic red tights that she wore so well.



Moral of the story: The Queen is back and no one is safe.

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