Wearing socks with sandals is such a demonized topic that it has it’s own Wikipedia page. This trend gained mainstream fame due to the number of middle-aged people who don’t know how to make this look good. I told my photographer, Chris, while shooting this that I felt like this was something “Future Sierra” would cringe upon the sight of. We all have those fashion moments that are soooo 2017 but will not be hot in ten years. I considered backing out and running away from this outfit for a safer option but then I empowered myself into sticking with the risky plan. I mean there are worse things I could do, right? To be more specific, here is a list of 11 things that I have done that I would consider more sinful:

  1. Spilled both popcorn and salad all over my dorm room in one morning
  2. Ignored the five-second rule and extended it to ten seconds
  3. Ate breakfast three times before noon…I really like breakfast
  4. Decided not to do my homework to challenge the “system”
  5. Typed “Sorry, I only just now saw this text” 12 hours after reading the text
  6. Decided not to wear a bra to class (when I definitely should have been) to challenge the “system”
  7. Listened to Justin Bieber (I am ashamed of my middle school past )
  8. Spent an entire class period daydreaming about my future
  9. Spent an entire class period writing for Style in the Way
  10. Wore my shirt inside out on purpose to challenge the “system”
  11. Was late to something (I hate being late!!!!)

VSCO Cam-1-1

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Sweater: RD Style (Similar)

Skirt: Urban Outfitters

Socks: (Similar 1, 2)

Sandals: Furla

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