WOW is all I have to say about this experience…





…ok just kidding, but can you imagine if that is where this blog post ended?? No but seriously this was the most mind blowing fashion week event that I had the opportunity to attend. It was star-studded, flashy, and I have been dreaming about it ever since. The risks that Jeremy took on his 20th anniversary were so worth it because they proved his talent as a creative mind. This collection was anything but dull and that started with the bright colors and ended with the embellishments. Designers have been advocating for neon, vinyl, and sequins for the past few seasons and Scott brought them together in the most high-fashion way. The 1980s are echoed in this collection.


This was definitely my favorite look of the show! Nobody in the audience could take their eyes off of Sofia Richie the entire time she spent on the runway. The way the ruffles on this sheer and sequin dressed bounced with her down the runway was amazing. The look is sporty yet it appears so dressed up because of all of the bling.


Gigi Hadid owned this look and I was totally feeling the neon vibes. The layered long sleeve under a dress is definitely a trend to look forward to with fall coming up. I love how the pink is made edgy with the black boots and a baseball cap. Who says you can’t wear orange and hot pink together?? I am totally for it!

Overall this was definitely my favorite show of the weekend because of how amazing each look was. All of the colors and the sparkle made it easy not to forget this one as the weekend went on. I am looking forward to sharing more of my fashion week thoughts soon!

Si x

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