I have gotten really interested in photography and travel opportunities lately, so I have decided to start travel blogging. With summer just around the corner, I was glad I got the opportunity to get away from the stressful finals week aura that is haunting my campus. I’m not one for camping, but glamping is something I am always more than willing to do.

A few times when I told my friends I would be venturing to Holland for the weekend they thought I was traveling abroad. Our trip to Holland, MI felt like a trip to THE Holland, Netherlands.

Stay: IMG_1289

We stayed at such a beautiful cabin which was way better than a hotel! My favorite thing about it was the pink tree out front. It was the perfect touch to the home. The wood exterior and interior gave it a real homey feel. Even though we were only two hours away from my school it felt like we were in a completely different world.


Tulip Time:



This is my first look of the weekend! I knew we were going to the tulip festival so I was hoping to wear a summer dress but it was way too cold for that. Layering sweaters is always a go to of mine for dealing with unfortunate weather. IMG_1301 IMG_1314

My favorite photo that I took all weekend! I had to squat and wait for a quiet moment (which was hard since it was so crowded) to get this photo but it was definitely worth the wait. There were tulips in every color and they looked so good with the windmill in sight.

Downtown Holland:



A carnival and tons of arts and crafts shops were set up downtown. I loved this one that featured denim purses that the owners of the stand had made themselves!



I am a fan of hiking so we hiked to the sand dunes at the end of the week to see the lake. We could not stay long because the wind was so strong but we had such a beautiful view.

IMG_1368 IMG_1376


Thanks for reading! I’m looking forward to more travel opportunities and my move to New York!!

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