Earlier this season after the London shows, I have in my notes an expectation for more western inspired looks. Just one glimpse at the Christian Dior cruise show confirmed my prediction. Maria Grazia Chirui brought the fashion world to a desert in California to make everyone’s cowgirl childhood fantasy come to life. “I should’ve been a cowboy” might as well have been playing in the background. Like Toby Keith, I never achieved those Western dreams but thanks to Dior we now have a high fashion example to look up to.

Here is a quick 5 step guide to tricking people into thinking you are a cowgirl in the terms of Dior:

Step #1 Leather and suede

Let’s start off the cowboy recipe with an easy fabric that you probably already have in your closet. What’s a cowgirl without her animal skins to prove she is legit?


Step #2 Fringe

This immediately stuck out to me in the show as one of my favorite looks. It is the epitome of cowgirl wear. I love the color white and the fringe on this look. So, if you want to dress up on the prairie, this look is the way to go.


Step #3 Basically just dress like a human blanket

It will keep you warm on those cold nights in the desert! It will also cushion you as you jump into your saddle. I mean if Dior is doing it then why shouldn’t you?


Step #4 Hand-painted garments

You will not have that many supplies for making clothes and there will not be a Bloomingdales close-by. So DIY is a word you’re going to have to get familiar with. Finger painting is no longer just for kids, as a cowgirl you’re allowed to get your hands a little dirty!


Step #5 Top it all off with a cowboy hat and you are set

The icing on the cake of a cowgirls life is the classic cowboy hat. Chirui did not let any of her models hit the runway without a cowboy hat. It’s basically the trademark piece that sets you apart from just a girl who is into bohemian fashion.

So, this was just a funny way of letting you know that I enjoyed the Christian Dior Resort 2018 collection! I can’t wait to see what the rest of the designers dish out.


Some Dior pieces to get you through until the Resort collection comes out:


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