I am sooo happy to be back in New York! The city is just as alive as it was when I was last here and I missed it so much. I think my favorite thing about this place is being able to find fashion inspiration everywhere. I love watching all of the beautiful people pass me on the street in awe-inspiring outfits. It’s the perfect way to be inspired and it’s even cool to think that I could be inspiring someone else with my own outfits.

I am loving this blue dress from Mango (shop it by clicking this link)! The structure of the sleeves and the cinched waist is so flattering. It reminds me a lot of what I have seen in some runway shows, specifically Balenciaga, and I love that I can follow these thousand dollar trends for only $60! 2HighRescopy

5HighRescopy  4HighRescopy


Also, special thanks to Donna for lending me her talent and taking these beautiful photos! Didn’t she do so well? Check out her website here!

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