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Even though it is slowly starting to warm up, it’s still definitely cold enough to wear a winter coat. I’m still shopping for the perfect one! We all know that they are going to go on sale soon so it would be smart to pick one up for the end of winter and be able to make use of it again next year. I see coats as one of the most important investments because they can make or break an outfit. When it’s winter the only thing that can be seen to show off your personal style is your coat so it’s the most important thing that you can wear. Long gone are my days of basic black north face’s, this year I brought out my best options. Reminiscing on my favorite winter coats is giving me a lot of inspiration for next year!

Pink Shearling Coat

pink shearling topshop coat, steve madden phase sneakers, fh wadsworth belt, trafalgar square

This was one of the best spontaneous purchase of my life. I bought it specifically for London and get compliments on it all the time. It sold out pretty quickly! I noticed it while watching Topshop’s website for winter coats all season. Pink was such a fun color to bring into the winter months because it brought life to my wardrobe!

Black Vinyl Puffer

black vinyl mango coat, peggy porschen cakes,

This was just the perfect staple. The coat goes with anything and is so trendy. Who doesn’t love vinyl or a good puffer. Put them together and it is the perfect winter coat combination. It is a good way to make any outfit edgier. This coat is from Mango but there are so many websites that sell something similar!

Blue Corduroy Puffer

blue corduroy urban outfitters puffer, tower bridge
This was more of a statement piece so I wore it much less often but I absolutely loved this color. I just couldn’t get enough of the light pastels this season! It came in a khaki color too and I was pretty torn before I eventually settled on this winter coat at Urban Outfitters. 

Dusty Rose Aviator Jacket

dusty rose pink shearling aviator faux fur jacket zara camden market

This was surprisingly my most worn coat. I bought it as a Christmas gift to myself and because it is so casual it became easy to throw on over any outfit. The faux fur lining was so soft and I am hoping the aviator jacket trend never goes away.

Vintage Red and Black Puffer

vintage red and black puffer, notting hill

This was such a random find for me! I was on Depop when I saw this puffer and I knew I had to have it. It was a vintage piece of one of the hottest trends at the moment! I couldn’t let it slip past me. I love shopping vintage because having something that no one else does always feels pretty special.

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