When I looked out of my window this winter to see my campus covered in snow, I was completely shocked. With it being about 60 degrees just a few days prior, I had expected a few flurries but definitely not full-on winter. I’m never ready to let go of my favorite pieces from the summer and I recently learned you really don’t have to. It’s hardest to look cute in the winter but the secret lies in what’s underneath: the layers. I have gathered a few tips for this after stalking my favorite bloggers and celebs. The best thing about these tips is in most cases you won’t have to buy anything new!

Layer Up on Jackets

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This vintage bomber is probably one of my favorite jackets. I sometimes find myself wearing it every day in the fall just because it is so cool! Something I do to keep it in rotation throughout the entire year is adding another jacket underneath. With oversized jackets trending this is an easy way to keep warm while wearing your favorites all year round. I love adding a bit of denim underneath my other coats and jackets. It adds an extra layer to keep you warm and also makes you look edgy. This dress leads us to our next point because it looks best with the extra turtleneck layer underneath.

Tobi Dress

Add a turtleneck under a sweatshirt

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I have literally worn out my turtlenecks based on the number of times I have layered like this. This hack is super ’90s and it really makes a difference when you are trying to stay warm. It also sometimes makes basic pieces look a bit more fashionable. If you know you will be wearing a lighter coat, I recommended throwing a turtleneck under your ensemble to make sure can keep warm.

Tobi Sweatshirt

Thigh-high boots to keep your legs warm

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As a person who is literally obsessed with skirts and dresses, winter always puts me in a difficult place. When it is too cold to wear a dress but I really can’t resist, wearing thigh-high boots helps keep the legs safe and covered. If you want to stay extra warm, a pair of sheer tights under the boots always helps even more. Also, sidenote: isn’t this watch perfect?? I just think the wood watch has the perfect finish, check out the full Jord collection here.

Wooden Wrist Watch

Tobi Sweater Dress

Leggings under distressed jeans

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Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean we have to toss all of our distressed jeans! I actually noticed the other day that a lot of denim in this style is on sale this time of the year. I could have worn just leggings with this sweater and be done but adding the distressed jeans over them really made the outfit. It was also probably one of the most comfortable outfits I have worn that involved denim.


With all that being said, I really can’t wait to go back to California in a few weeks!

Si xx

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Photos by Reinaldo

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