Fall ’16 Couture season was last week on the runway and only the best of the best showed collections! In my writing, I am approaching this week in a completely different way than ever before. I want to tell you guys what trends will be hitting the streets this fall and the runway is the best way to do it! Every single person is affected by what designers put on the runway when they get dressed in the morning. By analyzing what we see on the catwalk we can predict the trends of the future. A lot of the trends this week were reflective of what street style stars and red carpet celebrities have been wearing. Here are my three favorite trends below:

Florals for fall?!

Everyone knows the famous Miranda Priestly quote, “Florals for spring? How original.” Using them for fall is a plot twist that I personally didn’t see coming. Beautiful fur coats and elegant dresses were embellished with floral patterns last week. Last season, micro-florals were spotted everywhere, but now the flowers are big enough to be seen from across the room. I love florals so much and I think they can definitely find a place in every season. Miranda Priestly would be impressed.








Elie Saab

Sheer and sultry

Sheer dresses are a great way to show some skin while still remaining classy. I loved seeing all of this on the red carpet throughout the year and the trend has been simultaneously gracing the runway. Some designers made dresses that were sheer from head-to-toe while others kept the thin fabric strictly below the waist. Here are my favorite example of this trend!





Maison Margiela






Christian Dior

Beaded Bliss

Everyone is always looking for new ways to embellish their clothing and I loved seeing colorful beads everywhere last week! Half of the collection from Givenchy was intricately woven with beads and it was stunning. The phrase “more is more” has been thrown around a lot recently in fashion and this trend is a perfect example of it. Embellish it up this fall.





Christian Dior



Jean Paul Gaultier

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