Fashion month was quite the ride. I was so fortunate to attend some of the amazing shows in New York !! I had such a busy time this season keeping up with all of the shows from other locations so I am just now getting around to doing my full story for the entire week. I want to use this opportunity to highlight my favorite shows that I attended and give some advice to bloggers who are interested in intending in the future.

Favorite Shows!!

My favorite thing about fashion week was definitely the opportunity to see some amazing brands show their new collections. You already have heard about my experience at Jeremy Scott but here are 5 more of my favorite shows!

5. Club Monaco

I kicked off my week at this presentation and I felt so inspired for fall. It was nice to start here because the other shows I went to were sharing “see now, buy now” collections and this one was all about fall. My favorite thing about the presentation style is the fact that the models are always will pose for your photos. I definitely picked up on major fall trends like leopard and silk.



4. John Paul Ataker

This show really took me to ancient Greece. All of the details on the clothes were stunning. This show was really amazing because of how many looks there were. The flowing white dresses almost reminded me of a bridal collection and the sleek pony tails were ultra-chic It was also a nice surprise to see so many familiar faces on the runway including Karlie Kloss and Taylor Hill.

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3. Leanne Marshall

I loved this show because it was the first to make a point to me that color is really in this season. The icing on the cake was the number of colors used at Acne Studios, but this is the first time it started to sink in. The show came in phases of different colors and my favorite was definitely the green.


2. 3.1 Phillip Lim

This one has to be near the top because of my personal connection and love for the brand. Seeing everything that goes into the show and then getting to go backstage was an amazing experience and I was so glad I got to help the PR team leading up to it. I loved how the collection was extremely wearable but high-fashion at the same time.


1. Chromat

This show had to be my favorite because of how exciting it was. The models all brought their personalities out on the catwalk as the clothes really came to life. The casting was definitely the highlight of the show because of how inclusive it was. Every size, shape, ethnicity, and sexuality was in the room! Scuba ended up being one of the top trends of the season and this is the first show I saw that had it!


Tips tips tips!

I’ve had a lot of blogger friends ask for fashion week advice so I thought I would quickly just go over some tips! The question I was asked the most was, “How did you get invited?” It’s hardest to attend shows as a microblogger but I was able to go by reaching out to over a hundred PR contacts via e-mail requesting invites. Fashion GPS ended up being the greatest help, once I was accepted, because you can easily request invites to shows right in their app and manage everything in one place.

I was also asked how I put together my outfits! Most of what I wore I actually put together when I got there. I borrowed some of the things that I wore from PR’s and even friends so it all became very organic. I thought that I would attend fashion week with a strict outfit schedule that I would follow aggressively but that really was not the case. I felt like a real full-time blogger when I had to change outfits 4 times in one day! Since I was only there for a short period of time I had to make the most content as possible so the borderline overweight suitcase was definitely worth it.

Next year I plan to attend London and Paris fashion week and I am so excited to share that experience with you all as well! Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions about my experience, trust me I love talking about it haha!!

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