Dolce & Gabbana made me fall in love again. It’s men’s fashion week, but the brand gave us a sneak peak of what is to come in their women’s collection as well. The men’s fashion show was interrupted by women in sultry lingerie and over-sized structured coats. Dark colors for fall and lingerie for the daytime are two trends that I can’t resist. Providing us with 112 looks this season is almost mind-blowing. D&G always gives us plentiful options for shopping their collections. Here are some of my favorite looks from this show:


Look 89

Pyper America Smith has been my favorite model for years now and she was wearing my favorite look of the entire show!! This look is perfect for the girl who says “I don’t have to try to be cool. I already am.” The layer cross necklaces are the most Italian aspect of this brand and I think it looks amazing. The shiny silk material of these pajamas immediately drew my eyes to her as she walked down the runway.


Look 15

The embroidered details on this bomber jacket make this mainstream fashion trend look so luxurious. I love how the jacket takes this romantic look to the street style level. The lace details of the lingerie combined with the sharpness of a bomber jacket is a perfect juxtaposition.


Look 13

Jackets off, lingerie on. This is a major motif in the show that creates an effortless look. The interior details of this jacket are shown off and the silk burgundy lining is a great touch of color here. Any look that involves a super short skirt immediately draws my attention because that is something that I frequently find myself wearing.


Look 79

We can learn about womenswear from menswear since most trends crossover. I’m glad to see that the flight/bomber jacket trend is still alive. Waiting on the slow fashion designers is worth it! The uniqueness of this jacket is something you could never find at a fast fashion retailer. The hoodie that is stitched in here adds even more of a cool factor. Polished off with white tennis shoes this is the perfect men’s street style look.

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