I have been a fan of the 1975 for 3 years now and I have been waiting for an opportunity to see them live. Music is something I have been passionate about since I was very young, so I always look forward to concerts. When it comes to fashion, concerts are always a great way to showcase your personal style. My style is very much inspired by the decade I was born in: The 1990s. The outfit I wore definitely exemplified this. The concert was set up in a beautiful light show that I was enamored by. The concert was an excellent way to spend my last night in Michigan and I will never forget it.

IMG_9026 IMG_9057 IMG_9041 IMG_9043

(feat. Maggie Morgan)IMG_9035IMG_9062

(The last photo is by my friend Victoria)

So sorry for how long it took me to make another blogpost! Between finals week and moving I haven’t had much free time at all. I just moved from Birmingham, MI to New York City (but only temporarily). I will try and maintain an updated page, but working at ELLE magazine has kept me pretty busy. I love the job so much and can definitely see myself there for the rest of my life! Wish me luck!

Top: Trunk LTD

Skirt: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: Adidas

Backpack: (similar) Coach

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