Chanel vs. Cardi B in Ashi

What I was thinking when I watched this season’s Haute Couture fashion shows was, “who died?” I genuinely felt like I was watching a funeral procession. While it was depressing, it was thought-provoking in itself and extremely beautiful. What made these shows so reminiscent of a funeral was specifically the black veils that were showing on multiple catwalks; from Chanel to Dior to Giambattista to Vauthier.

Christian Dior was the most shocking in this series of mourning because the designs have gone from a youthful spin on Alice and Wonderland to minimalist and sophisticated silhouettes. This change for the brand appears to be a coming of age in Maria Grazia Chiuri’s time as creative director. Meanwhile, Chanel kept its traditional colorful tweed and Vauthier remained true to it’s avant-garde alluring styles. I feel like the black veil belongs to the teenage emo scene but now it looks so luxurious. Will we be wearing black veils in a few months?

Alexandre Vauthier

I was truly prepared to accept the death of life in fashion but these rising trends took a sharp contrast to the night of the Grammy’s when the look of the night was a white dress. From funeral gear to wedding night, the whiplash was real. Waking up in the morning to Lana Del Rey dressed in Gucci and mirroring Hedy Lamarr’s old Hollywood glamour was a dream come true. While she is my favorite artist, I have to admit that she has never been the best dressed so I was so happy to see the Stargirl shine.

Lana Del Rey in Gucci

SZA and Cardi B are two of the hottest new female artists at the moment so it was interesting to see them in white dresses as well. It was a shocking choice from both of them for me because I feel like they go for more trendy and sultry looks but this is just simple elegance that speaks louder than words. It’s the classic white dress with a twist and all of these women look like angels. Is this what heaven looks like?

SZA in Atelier Versace

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